Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Character Style Inspiration: Zoe Hart

I spent a couple of hours yesterday catching up on the first few episodes of Rachel Bilson's new show Hart of Dixie. I won't ramble on too much about what the show is about (if you're interested you can find out more here) but basically she plays New York surgeon Zoe Hart who ends up moving to the fictional town of Bluebell, Alabama to work as a GP and has trouble trying to fit in. So far I really like the show and I'll definitely be continuing to watch it for the rest of the season. One thing that stood out for me, aside from what was actually happening in the plot, was Zoe's wardrobe. I think Rachel herself has great style in real life and can actually see her wearing a lot of the outfits that her character has and now I want them all too! I hadn't prepared a usual Weekly Style post for today so I thought I'd have a little search around on the internet and see what I could find in the way of Zoe Hart style outfits and here's what I came up with!

Look One:

I actually think the Equipment Sophie blouse from Net-a-Porter could be the one Rachel actually wore on the show as it's pretty much identical. I did find one from this ebay store which would be a great budget alternative at a mere £16.99. I didn't include it in the collage because the mannequin it in the picture was just too terrifying! Okay, I know it's not quite as nice and I'm not too keen on the black buttons but that's easily fixed. It was surprisingly difficult to find anything similar to the (what looks like) leather culottes so instead I opted for pleated skirts and high waisted shorts in varied price ranges. I personally love the shorts from Net-a-Porter but of course typically they're the most expensive option!

Look Two:

The embellished cropped jacket looks so great with the navy tapered trousers and this is actually one of my favourite colour combinations. I believe the jacket Rachel wore is by Veronique Leroy but I'm not sure of the cost other than the fact I wouldn't be able to afford it! Although it would be quite difficult to replicate exactly using high street brands I'm sure a blazer or cropped leather jacket in a similar shade would work just as well. The cropped blazer I've chosen from ASOS has the most similar shape to the original jacket that I could find and of course it could be customised with some metallic fabric or ribbon around the edges like on the original jacket.

Look Three:

Again, a cropped jacket, simple top and shorts. I actually really like this River Island blazer and I think it would look great with jeans too. Obviously at this time of year it's a little cold in the UK for wearing shorts without any tights, but this look could easily work with a pair of wooly tights, boots and a nice snood or faux fur stole. This outfit was the most difficult to find items for, I guess that's because they're all basics and it would most likely be the easiest to replicate as we all probably have the items in our wardrobes already!

Even though it took me forever (literally hours) I actually quite enjoyed putting together this post, it made a nice change so maybe I'll do some more in the future.
Which TV or film characters are your favourite style icons? 
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