Saturday, 29 October 2011

October Film Roundup: Buy, Pass or Rent?

Drive (2011)
Where do I start? To be honest I could've dedicated a whole post to this film and possibly might do so after a second viewing. The colours are beautiful, the directing is beautiful and actually the silence is quite beautiful too. I'd like to go back and time how far into the movie it is before the Driver actually speaks anything other than the odd word (aside from the opening lines). It's pretty amazing how a character, and an actor, can really own the story and hold the audience's interest whilst hardly speaking. The silence is a particularly powerful element to why this film works so well. Having said all of that, if you don't like too much violence, 80's music or long silences then it's probably not for you. I've placed my DVD pre-order for January 30th and I'm looking forward to it already. Buy!

Country Strong (2010)
I decided to rent this based on the country music factor alone so I didn't really have any expectations. As it turned out, and much to my surprise, I actually really quite liked it. Country Strong didn't have me on the edge of my seat or anything like that but overall it was interesting and entertaining. I'm also quite impressed by the singing, Garrett Hedland's in particular and I enjoyed Gwyneth Paltrow's performances in the film much more than her recent guest appearances on Glee. Oh, and you've just got to love Tim McGraw, right!? I guess, in a sentence, I found it was much more accessible for a wider audience than the likes of Crazy Heart but nowhere near as good overall as Walk the Line. If you do watch this on DVD there's also an original ending on the special features which is definitely more powerful than the one they chose to use, but then again the one they've used is nicer. Overall it's definitely worth renting, I'll possibly purchase sometime in the future.
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