Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Arrow & Triangle Nail Tutorials

Nails Inc Plum, Collection 2000 Angel Wings & Andrea Fulerton black nail art pen

Topshop Pool Party & Models Own Sterling Silver 

Another couple of quick nail art tutorials for you. This time the designs are based on images from this tumblr. They have so many designs that I'd love to try out. I much prefer the colour combinations they've used but I had to work with what I've got!
- For both designs the first step is the same as always, a base coat and base colour of your choice.
- I then used small strips of tape to mask out the triangle shapes and painted over this area with the second colour.
- When you take the tape away you should be left with a neat triangle shape. This design actually looks quite nice on it's own.
- For the arrow design all I did was paint a line over where the two colours met using a nail art pen. I followed the line once above the join and once below to make it thicker.
- On the triangle design I used a bobby pin to put the dots on top of the silver area but if you have a nail art pen in the right colour then that would probably be much neater.
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