Monday, 26 September 2011

Week In Photos 23.

- On Thursday I had a little day out and took some photos of butterflies. You can see a few more of them in this post.

- I also did a speed read of The Rum Diary by Hunter S. Thompson before I had to return it to the library! I have to say I didn't really enjoy it but hopefully the film will still be worth watching.

- One of my favourite things about this time of year is it happens to be when the TV schedule is at it's best. While this may make me a bit of a loser it also makes things a little more fun. This week I watched the new series premieres for The Big Bang Theory (which was extremely funny as always) Grey's Anatomy (which was disappointing as expected) Desperate Housewives (which was super predictable) Glee (which for some unknown reason I continue to watch even though I dislike it) and I also picked up a new show for my schedule in the form of New Girl.

- Speaking of TBBT, my pre-ordered series 4 box set arrived early, I love it when that happens. I thought season 4 was really great overall, if anything the first episode or two weren't my favourites but I really liked how they developed Amy's character, she's hilarious!

- Despite being rather busy I've not been feeling that great as I've had a cold but The Vicar of Dibley and lots of Lucozade have definitely helped!

- It's weird that I like cold crumble with chocolate ice cream isn't it?

Sorry about the terrible selection of photos!

Also this week: There's been a bit of decorating going on at home this week too! I've been painting and stripping wallpaper as well as putting together my new bookcase and a compost bin, very glamourous.
I found my perfect Winter coat (thanks mum!). I know I mentioned getting one from Primark before but I decided to return it as I didn't think it was going to be something I'd wear everyday. So now I have the Zara TRF 'Parker Combined Collar' instead, I feel slightly like a farmer but I love it.
& Pottermore! Yes, this week I finally got my welcome email. I'm pleased with my Spruce/Dragon core wand and my Tawny owl. I got sorted into Hufflepuff which wasn't my first choice but is exactly where I thought I would be placed, as I clicked my answers I knew they were those of a Hufflepuff! Currently fellow Hufflepuff Michelle is my only Pottermore friend so please feel free to add me, my username is NimbusWing192. Be sure to leave a comment or tweet me your username so I know who you are!

I'm planning to post another nail tutorial tomorrow as you guys were so lovely about my aztec one!

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