Monday, 19 September 2011

Week In Photos 22.

  • Mum bought me this super smiley iced bun from Greggs, very tasty! 
  • I posted a tutorial for this simple Aztec nail design which people seemed to like. I may do some more in the future if anyone is interested?
  • On my trip to Walberswick I bought some new handles for my set of drawers. I decided to get six different ones but still stick to a bit of a theme with the colours and shapes. I'd definitely recommend the shop there if you're ever looking for any of these, they have a big selection, I spent ages deciding!
  • We gave Sawyer this new little (cat) house to sit in to keep cosy when it gets colder but he decided he wanted to chew it instead. This is what it looks like now he's not going so crazy over it but when he first got it he chewed a hole overnight that was big enough for him to hop through.... Little cutie.
  • My new boots from Zara (£39.99), I posted about them in one of my recent Weekly Styles and decided that as I got winter boots from the TRF section last year there was a chance they would fit me so I ordered them and.... I love them, they're perfect! 
  • Southwold fish & chips are definitely my favourite <3
  • Dug out my Vicar of Dibley DVDs this week, gotta love it! I wish there were more episodes though.
  • Today Sawyer has been throwing bunny tantrums, flipping his toilet, food bowl and hay box upside down, naughty bunny. But this is his 'I'm too adorable to be annoyed at' face. He's right.
  • Painted my nails with Topshop's 'Future' polish from the Heavy Duty collection. I decided to buy this in the sale as I'm a big fan of the other two polishes from this collection 'Grunge' & 'Lead'. This one however just isn't as pretty. It looks navy in the photo but that's just the bad lighting, it's a pretty bright blue and I don't think I'll be wearing it very often.
  • There's also been a bit of DIY going on including helping paint the living room today. I bought a bookcase for my room to tidy some of my things into and I've also been painting that. I'll try and remember to take a photo of it when its all put together.
  • Another tasty treat, Tesco mini gingerbread men :) I'm planning to attempt an Oreo cheesecake sometime this week, so I'll let you know how that goes too!
  • We found an unusual antiques shop on the way home from Walberswick and this was some of the things they had lying around outside.

Also this week: I finally caught up to date on Bones and am now eagerly awaiting it's return in November. Source Code arrived at my door but I haven't had a chance to watch it yet. I started reading The Rum Diary and replaying Professor Layton & the Curious Village....anyone a fan? I bought and returned the ASOS burgundy polka dot dress from one of my previous Weekly Styles, the fit was horrible, the waist was in such a strange place. And still no Pottermore email :(

What did everyone else get up to this week?

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