Monday, 5 September 2011

Week In Photos 21.

Went for some nail art this week as I got a little bored on a Sunday afternoon. They turned out a little messy but lots of people complimented me on them so today I've got a bit more adventurous with my second attempt, I'll post a photo of them soon / On my first day after finishing work it was surprisingly sunny so I had a BBQ for dinner (wearing my Keep Calm HP shirt) / Friday I posted this photo of me wearing my Deathly Hallows necklace on Tumblr and was overwhelmed when I was out shopping and the reblog emails were flooding in on my Blackberry. It has about 90 notes now I think which is crazy! / I saw this butterfly when I was out feeding Sawyer and luckily it stayed put while I went to get my camera, realised the battery was empty, went to get another battery, realised the memory card was full and finally deleted some pictures to make space for it! I also looked ridiculous as I chased a few around the garden with my camera later in the day / Picked up some library books and brochures for Rome as me and a friend are thinking of taking a little holiday there soon. If anyone knows any nice places to visit  or to stay please let me know! / Those are my lovely cards from my last day at work. I also got a balloon and some Topshop vouchers which i wasn't expecting! / Uh, raspberries are my favourite... no idea why I've included that picture / I also picked up a parka from Primark for £26. I don't like to invest in expensive coats as I hardly wear them, I'm more of a jumper & jacket kind of person, but this should keep me warm if it snows again this Winter! Plus, like all my jackets, it's green :)

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