Sunday, 25 September 2011

Sunday DIY: Room Updates

This week I've made a little more progress in my room, adding my new handles to the set of drawers and painting and putting together this little bookcase. The handles make a small change but I think they look really nice, much more interesting than the original plain cream ones! The bookcase is just a cheap one from Homebase, I bought a couple of tester pots to paint it with and I think it actually turned out quite well. It looks a bit ridiculous with all my stuff piled on to it but I've got to keep things somewhere haven't I?! Please also excuse the fact I don't currently have a skirting board, it looks awfully messy but I'm getting a new one soon! You can see a couple of my other DIY post items hiding on the top shelf too, the button photo frame and the brush storage (:

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