Monday, 12 September 2011

Aztec Nail Tutorial

I got a lot of lovely comments on my Aztec nails post and as I have nothing prepared for a 'Week in Photos' and happened to be painting my nails I thought I'd write a short tutorial for a simpler version. Hope you like it!

To create this look you will need: 3 coloured nail polishes, a black nail art pen & a clear top coat. I have used Sally Hansen 'Hard as Nails' topcoat, H&M polishes in 'Summer Fresh' and 'Grey Sky', 17 polish in 'Forever' & Andrea Fulerton nail art pen in black.

  • The first step is to apply a clear base coat followed by a coat of the colour you have chosen for the bottom part of the nail
  • Once that's dry you will need to add a coat of the colour you would like to be in the middle, painting only 2/3 of the nail leaving the bottom 1/3 in the first colour. To get the line straight you can use tape but I've just painted freehand as I know I'm going to be drawing a black line over the join later on
  • Next take the third colour and apply it just to the tips of your nails
  • After all of the layers are dry it's time to use the nail art pen to add in the details. It's best to start from the bottom up so you don't get any smudges
  • For this design I drew a horizontal line across where the bottom two colours joined then one a little way below that, and filled in the gap between them using small vertical lines.
  • Next, in the middle section, I added a zig zag line and some dots, and finished with a horizontal line covering where the top two colours meet
  • Finally I've added a clear top coat to seal the design
If you try this look please link me, I'd love to see how it turns out!

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