Friday, 30 September 2011

Free Postage offer @ Sawyer & Scout!

 There's currently Free Postage on all orders over £5!
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Expires Sunday October 2nd at 12pm.

Happy Shopping!


Thursday, 29 September 2011

Journal Update #1

I mentioned a while back that I'd post some of my completed journal pages at some point and this week I've actually found the time to do some so here they are. Personally I was pretty impressed that I managed to not only colour in the dark but also actually pick out a green pencil for the pear! The most fun page to do was probably melting the wax crayon shavings. I couldn't be bothered to find an iron so I just used my hair straighteners instead but I really like the effect.
I haven't been feeling too great today but I did bring Sawyer inside for a bit so I've snapped a few photos for a future post (:

I picked up my copy of the journal at Urban Outfitters but it's available along with the original Wreck This Journal on lots of other websites too.


Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Weekly Style Inspiration 34.

Jeans £50 , Chinos £48, Boots £225 & Satchel £68: Urban Outfitters
Dress £26.99: New Look
Lipstick in 'Infared' £8: Topshop

I've been wanting the perfect pair of cowboy boots for about a year now and I think these might be them! Obviously I won't ever own them due to the crazy price tag so for now I just have to keep dreaming. Urban Outfitters are doing well in my books at the moment particularly with the perfect colour of that satchel. The jeans are one of those 'I don't know why but I love them' kind of items. This style of dress has been appearing everywhere recently but I was quite surprised to find one that I like on the New Look site of all places. I'm not sure this style is something I'd ever buy, I don't think I'd get much wear out of it as full skirts drive me crazy but it's nice to look at. Topshop are driving me crazy with their lipstick collection, I hardly ever wear it but they just have so many colours that I seem to feel like I need in my life, I'm even tempted to spend my vouchers just on lipsticks! & I couldn't go a Weekly Style without something burgundy could I?


Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Rabbit Nail Tutorial

Polishes used: Models Own Nude Beige, Claire's Accessories white nail art pen, Andrea Fulerton black nail art pen, Sally Hansen Hard as Nails 
  • Start with a clear base coat followed by one or two coats of your base colour
  • Once the base coat is dry use the white nail art pen (or a white polish if you have one) and paint a semi-circle shape at the tip of the nail to create the face 
  • Then add two rounded triangle shapes for the ears using the same colour
  • The last step is to add in the details on the face and ears using the black pen. I just chose a really simple face design of small dots for the eyes a horizontal line for the nose and three little lines on each side for whiskers
  • Finish with a clear topcoat to seal it onto the nails

I loved Skye's cat nails and Carys' panda nails so much that I decided to take the idea and create a rabbit design. As always I'd love to hear from you if you try it out!


Monday, 26 September 2011

Week In Photos 23.

- On Thursday I had a little day out and took some photos of butterflies. You can see a few more of them in this post.

- I also did a speed read of The Rum Diary by Hunter S. Thompson before I had to return it to the library! I have to say I didn't really enjoy it but hopefully the film will still be worth watching.

- One of my favourite things about this time of year is it happens to be when the TV schedule is at it's best. While this may make me a bit of a loser it also makes things a little more fun. This week I watched the new series premieres for The Big Bang Theory (which was extremely funny as always) Grey's Anatomy (which was disappointing as expected) Desperate Housewives (which was super predictable) Glee (which for some unknown reason I continue to watch even though I dislike it) and I also picked up a new show for my schedule in the form of New Girl.

- Speaking of TBBT, my pre-ordered series 4 box set arrived early, I love it when that happens. I thought season 4 was really great overall, if anything the first episode or two weren't my favourites but I really liked how they developed Amy's character, she's hilarious!

- Despite being rather busy I've not been feeling that great as I've had a cold but The Vicar of Dibley and lots of Lucozade have definitely helped!

- It's weird that I like cold crumble with chocolate ice cream isn't it?

Sorry about the terrible selection of photos!

Also this week: There's been a bit of decorating going on at home this week too! I've been painting and stripping wallpaper as well as putting together my new bookcase and a compost bin, very glamourous.
I found my perfect Winter coat (thanks mum!). I know I mentioned getting one from Primark before but I decided to return it as I didn't think it was going to be something I'd wear everyday. So now I have the Zara TRF 'Parker Combined Collar' instead, I feel slightly like a farmer but I love it.
& Pottermore! Yes, this week I finally got my welcome email. I'm pleased with my Spruce/Dragon core wand and my Tawny owl. I got sorted into Hufflepuff which wasn't my first choice but is exactly where I thought I would be placed, as I clicked my answers I knew they were those of a Hufflepuff! Currently fellow Hufflepuff Michelle is my only Pottermore friend so please feel free to add me, my username is NimbusWing192. Be sure to leave a comment or tweet me your username so I know who you are!

I'm planning to post another nail tutorial tomorrow as you guys were so lovely about my aztec one!


Sunday, 25 September 2011

Sunday DIY: Room Updates

This week I've made a little more progress in my room, adding my new handles to the set of drawers and painting and putting together this little bookcase. The handles make a small change but I think they look really nice, much more interesting than the original plain cream ones! The bookcase is just a cheap one from Homebase, I bought a couple of tester pots to paint it with and I think it actually turned out quite well. It looks a bit ridiculous with all my stuff piled on to it but I've got to keep things somewhere haven't I?! Please also excuse the fact I don't currently have a skirting board, it looks awfully messy but I'm getting a new one soon! You can see a couple of my other DIY post items hiding on the top shelf too, the button photo frame and the brush storage (:


Friday, 23 September 2011

A Little Friday Treat!

Today I took a little trip to town, mainly to return the library book I blitzed last night. Those of you who follow me on Twitter may have noticed a few frantic tweets last night. I'd wanted to read The Rum Diary for ages (as the book and film of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas are both brilliant in my opinion) and with the release of the film adaptation growing swiftly closer I reserved it at my local library. Unfortunately I may have forgotten to actually read it until this week. I went online yesterday to see if I could renew it but someone else had reserved it so I couldn't and basically that was it, I could either attempt to read it last night or wait another few weeks so yesterday evening I went for a speed read!
I haven't been shopping in a couple of weeks, since finishing work I've felt guilty about spending money on anything. However I did pop to Topshop today to cross one want off of my list. I used one of my vouchers I got when I left work to buy the burgundy Baxter jeans. I've been looking for a pair of burgundy jeans for ages now so hopefully, with a little alteration, these are going to be the pair for me!
I've also been thinking about adding another regular feature to my blog for a little while now and since Sawyer has been quite popular here before I'm thinking of possibly something Sawyer? I mean I did partly name my shop after him.... I've had my camera for over a year now and not really used the video so I decided to test it out on him, I don't think he was very impressed!
 Anyway if you'd like to see more Sawyer cuteness let me know in the comments!

P.S There's now a Blogroll button at the top of my blog listing a few of my favourite reads. I'll try to keep it regularly updated!


Thursday, 22 September 2011

Butterflies & Giant Bunnies

I've spent today chasing butterflies and falling in love with some giant bunnies and an adorable little owl. Hope you like the photos!


Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Weekly Style Inspiration 33.

A bit of an Autumn jumper special this week! 


Monday, 19 September 2011

Week In Photos 22.

  • Mum bought me this super smiley iced bun from Greggs, very tasty! 
  • I posted a tutorial for this simple Aztec nail design which people seemed to like. I may do some more in the future if anyone is interested?
  • On my trip to Walberswick I bought some new handles for my set of drawers. I decided to get six different ones but still stick to a bit of a theme with the colours and shapes. I'd definitely recommend the shop there if you're ever looking for any of these, they have a big selection, I spent ages deciding!
  • We gave Sawyer this new little (cat) house to sit in to keep cosy when it gets colder but he decided he wanted to chew it instead. This is what it looks like now he's not going so crazy over it but when he first got it he chewed a hole overnight that was big enough for him to hop through.... Little cutie.
  • My new boots from Zara (£39.99), I posted about them in one of my recent Weekly Styles and decided that as I got winter boots from the TRF section last year there was a chance they would fit me so I ordered them and.... I love them, they're perfect! 
  • Southwold fish & chips are definitely my favourite <3
  • Dug out my Vicar of Dibley DVDs this week, gotta love it! I wish there were more episodes though.
  • Today Sawyer has been throwing bunny tantrums, flipping his toilet, food bowl and hay box upside down, naughty bunny. But this is his 'I'm too adorable to be annoyed at' face. He's right.
  • Painted my nails with Topshop's 'Future' polish from the Heavy Duty collection. I decided to buy this in the sale as I'm a big fan of the other two polishes from this collection 'Grunge' & 'Lead'. This one however just isn't as pretty. It looks navy in the photo but that's just the bad lighting, it's a pretty bright blue and I don't think I'll be wearing it very often.
  • There's also been a bit of DIY going on including helping paint the living room today. I bought a bookcase for my room to tidy some of my things into and I've also been painting that. I'll try and remember to take a photo of it when its all put together.
  • Another tasty treat, Tesco mini gingerbread men :) I'm planning to attempt an Oreo cheesecake sometime this week, so I'll let you know how that goes too!
  • We found an unusual antiques shop on the way home from Walberswick and this was some of the things they had lying around outside.

Also this week: I finally caught up to date on Bones and am now eagerly awaiting it's return in November. Source Code arrived at my door but I haven't had a chance to watch it yet. I started reading The Rum Diary and replaying Professor Layton & the Curious Village....anyone a fan? I bought and returned the ASOS burgundy polka dot dress from one of my previous Weekly Styles, the fit was horrible, the waist was in such a strange place. And still no Pottermore email :(

What did everyone else get up to this week?


Saturday, 17 September 2011

20% Off Charm Bracelets

Until Monday.
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Friday, 16 September 2011

September 15th 2011.


Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Weekly Style Inspiration 32.

Playsuit & Sleeveless Shirt: Ark, Bag: ASOS, Blouse: New Look, Necklace & Ring: ASOS, Jumper & Scarf: Topshop

I'm once again on the lookout for the perfect Christmas jumper and so far this Topshop one is the best I've seen however it's just not quite perfect! I've seen a few appearing on the Topman site as well but again the colours just aren't quite what I'm looking for. I don't often browse the Ark site but they do have some pretty lovely colours at the moment and the two items I've picked are both made for me by the colour choices. And, a cute bunny ring? Yes please!


Monday, 12 September 2011

Aztec Nail Tutorial

I got a lot of lovely comments on my Aztec nails post and as I have nothing prepared for a 'Week in Photos' and happened to be painting my nails I thought I'd write a short tutorial for a simpler version. Hope you like it!

To create this look you will need: 3 coloured nail polishes, a black nail art pen & a clear top coat. I have used Sally Hansen 'Hard as Nails' topcoat, H&M polishes in 'Summer Fresh' and 'Grey Sky', 17 polish in 'Forever' & Andrea Fulerton nail art pen in black.

  • The first step is to apply a clear base coat followed by a coat of the colour you have chosen for the bottom part of the nail
  • Once that's dry you will need to add a coat of the colour you would like to be in the middle, painting only 2/3 of the nail leaving the bottom 1/3 in the first colour. To get the line straight you can use tape but I've just painted freehand as I know I'm going to be drawing a black line over the join later on
  • Next take the third colour and apply it just to the tips of your nails
  • After all of the layers are dry it's time to use the nail art pen to add in the details. It's best to start from the bottom up so you don't get any smudges
  • For this design I drew a horizontal line across where the bottom two colours joined then one a little way below that, and filled in the gap between them using small vertical lines.
  • Next, in the middle section, I added a zig zag line and some dots, and finished with a horizontal line covering where the top two colours meet
  • Finally I've added a clear top coat to seal the design
If you try this look please link me, I'd love to see how it turns out!


Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Weekly Style Inspiration 31.

Striped Jumper, Owl Umbrella & Striped Bag: Topshop, Chunky Cardigan, Shoes & Necklace: Urban Outfitters, Shoulder Bag & Striped Tee: ASOS, Cuff: Forever 21, Playsuit: Miss Selfridge (Petites), Scarf: H&M

An unintentional colour theme this week! I quite like it when this happens, it looks like I've put a lot of thought into it but honestly I can't help but be drawn to burgundy items. If that striped tee were cheaper it would definitely be mine, it's perfect. Just like last year Urban Outfitters are doing well with their knitwear collection, particularly that cardigan which just looks so cosy! 
Aside form the red theme I just loved the cuff from Forever 21, I've seen so many plain ones about so it was nice to find this one with a striking pattern detail. The Topshop jumper is available in various colours but this one is probably my favourite. I actually saw some of them instore last week and they look like good value for money and a nice wardrobe addition for Autumn so I may invest in one at some point. I've also been looking to buy a new umbrella for a while now, leaning towards a plain black Totes one, however this owl print is rather adorable too.

I've had a horrible headache most of the day today (my Pottermore email arriving would help! hint hint) but luckily I had this post already prepared. I hope everyone else has had a lovely Wednesday though. I'd also like to say a big thank you for all the comments on my last post, I'm glad you liked my Aztec nails!


Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Aztec Nails

Models Own Grace Green, 17 Forever, H&M Grey Sky, H&M Summer Fresh, Claire's White Nail Pen, Andrea Fulerton Black Nail Pen.


Monday, 5 September 2011

Week In Photos 21.

Went for some nail art this week as I got a little bored on a Sunday afternoon. They turned out a little messy but lots of people complimented me on them so today I've got a bit more adventurous with my second attempt, I'll post a photo of them soon / On my first day after finishing work it was surprisingly sunny so I had a BBQ for dinner (wearing my Keep Calm HP shirt) / Friday I posted this photo of me wearing my Deathly Hallows necklace on Tumblr and was overwhelmed when I was out shopping and the reblog emails were flooding in on my Blackberry. It has about 90 notes now I think which is crazy! / I saw this butterfly when I was out feeding Sawyer and luckily it stayed put while I went to get my camera, realised the battery was empty, went to get another battery, realised the memory card was full and finally deleted some pictures to make space for it! I also looked ridiculous as I chased a few around the garden with my camera later in the day / Picked up some library books and brochures for Rome as me and a friend are thinking of taking a little holiday there soon. If anyone knows any nice places to visit  or to stay please let me know! / Those are my lovely cards from my last day at work. I also got a balloon and some Topshop vouchers which i wasn't expecting! / Uh, raspberries are my favourite... no idea why I've included that picture / I also picked up a parka from Primark for £26. I don't like to invest in expensive coats as I hardly wear them, I'm more of a jumper & jacket kind of person, but this should keep me warm if it snows again this Winter! Plus, like all my jackets, it's green :)


Friday, 2 September 2011

August Film Roundup: Buy, Pass or Rent?

Final Destination 5 3D (2011)
I loved this! I wasn't expecting to be quite that enthusiastic but it's everything you would want from a Final Destination film. Like the other four films in the series it's sitting on the fence between being genius and terrible but it was definitely entertaining. I'm not personally a huge fan of the way 3D is being used now however for me the horror genre is the exception to this so I'm glad I ended up going to the 3D screening. There's also a bit of a twist at the end of this one which I unfortunately went into the cinema already knowing about after reading a review and thinking it was just common knowledge. As for the deaths themselves I think the writers and director have really upped their game this time by building up a huge amount of tension.

Scream 4 (2011)
Ah, the highlight of my week was when I stepped into the library to rent something for a friend and sitting right in front of me was the Scream 4 DVD. A few seconds later I was over at the desk paying my £1.50 to check it out. I'd wanted to see it at the cinema but never quite got there for some reason or another and to my delight I was the first person to check it out of the library. Unlike other franchises that have been given the reboot in recent years Scream 4 lives up to the original trilogy. It was great to see Neve, Courteney and David back for this sequel as well as a cast of other recognisable faces. I have to admit I correctly guessed who was hiding behind the Ghostface mask this time around but that didn't make the film any less enjoyable. I'd definitely recommend renting this one!

Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes (2011)
Definitely not something I would usually go for but with all the amazing reviews and hype around it I decided it was worth a shot. I didn't love it but I was pretty surprised by the fact that I quite enjoyed it. The concept was interesting and although most of the screen time seems to be taken up by apes it has a pretty good cast too. I'm not going to get overly enthusiastic and run out to buy the DVD or anything but if like me you were put off by the trailer I'd urge you to give it a chance!

Rubber (2010)
I don't know if anyone will have actually heard of this film or not but I came across the trailer on Lovefilm back in February and have been wanting to see it ever since. I mean, a movie about a killer tyre, it sounds genius, right? I was sure that this was going to be completely insane and either pure brilliance or a horrible waste of time. The opening speech and set up of an audience being there watching the events play out was an unusual but interesting concept. Unfortunately overall it didn't quite live up to my expectations but I did enjoy it. I thought it was pretty disappointing that the story started to get much more interesting just before it ended. If they had made a 'what happened next' kind of sequel I think it could potentially be brilliant. I'd recommend this if you're open-minded and looking to watch something that will be like nothing you've ever seen before.

Glorious 39 (2009)
Even though I own this on DVD, I still found myself watching it premiere on BBC2 a couple of weeks back. Personally I find it pretty exciting when I find a British film that can really hold it's own amongst my collection. Glorious 39 has an amazing cast including Romola Garai, Bill Nighy and Eddie Redmayne, however the ending is such a disappointment. Obviously I won't spoil it for those who haven't seen it but for me those last few minutes almost ruin the rest of the film. It's really such a shame because the basic plot is a really interesting concept. I'd urge you to go out and rent this if you haven't already seen it, and if you can get past the horrible ending then it really is worth a watch.

Zombieland (2009)
Another one I'd been meaning to watch for ages Zombieland is now firmly on my 'to buy' list. Basically, I loved it. I'm not one for horror movies but I do quite like these kinds of comedy-horrors and 'zom-coms', something which began for me with the amazing Shaun of the Dead. I'm now looking forward to the planned 2013 sequel.

You can find the July Film Roundup here.

What were your favourite films this month?

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