Monday, 15 August 2011

Week In Photos 19.

My Keep Calm & Marry Ron t-shirt finally arrived / Watching Glorious 39 on the BBC even though I have the DVD & dislike the ending / New necklace I made for Sawyer & Scout / Sawyer playing in the kitchen after his trip to the vets / Some of this week's viewing, my library rentals: Zombieland, The Soloist & Rabbit Hole / Other new items for S&S include these Penny Farthing earrings / Got my Pottermore congratulations email but I'm getting very impatient waiting for the welcome one / This YT video actually made my day (Party In The USA is mine and my old housemates song) / The Kettle Chips challenge on Lovefilm was going so well until I had 4 left to figure out and they were driving me crazy / It's Clinique bonus time so I picked up a couple of things which I'll post on if anyone's interested? / A quick page in my Mess book is now complete

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