Sunday, 17 July 2011

Sunday DIY: Floral Sketchbook

Firstly thank you so much for your lovely lovely comments on the drawing I posted the other day! It's been crazy discovering just how many bloggers are fellow HP fans and I hope that everyone has been enjoying the final film! I've made myself some bullet pointed notes today ready for a "review" post at some point. Ideally I'd like to wait until i've watched the film again before writing it up and I also didn't want to post any spoilers so I may save it for the DVD release.
I wanted to do another 'How I'm Wearing' type of post today since I've been meaning to get around to it but it just didn't work out. I couldn't settle on what item of clothing I was going to base it on and then when I thought I'd chosen one I couldn't actually find it, lame! I've just found out this weekend that my new furniture has been delayed for another month so I've still just got my little rail of clothes with everything else in boxes :( I haven't forgotten though and I will be doing more posts like that as soon as I can.
Anyway, since it is a Sunday and I've been drawing in this sketchbook, it seems suitable to post. When I was at Uni i used to cover a lot of my sketchbooks like this as it's so simple and just makes them look prettier! I found this one which I actually hadn't used lying around and thought starting something it in might force me to draw more regularly although I think that's just wishful thinking. Basically I just found a lovely piece of floral fabric, cut a suitable sized piece and glued it onto the book.
I decided to just go for and do a "quick" drawing (for me that's several hours rather than weeks/months) and since I've been in the HP spirit I found an image of Emma Watson at the NY premiere and got started. If you're curious, this is how my unfinished drawing is looking right now and I'm not pleased. (I'm posting it now because who knows if it will ever get finished!)

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