Thursday, 14 July 2011


Who can tell I'm a little bit excited about Harry Potter today?! I drew that picture four years ago but today seemed an appropriate time to post it here. Let's face it, we all know that Ron is a much more loveable character than Harry and I do think Rupert is perfect in the role. As for the drawing, I've never been very happy with the draw itself, in fact now, so many years later, it seems to be even worse. I guess if I'd drawn it more recently I'd consider it unfinished, the lower face in particular is horrendous. The colour pencil part wasn't a fail though. I'm sure I've mentioned before that that's the part I actually really enjoy. I was drawn to the lighting of the original image and the varied textures, it's from the Teen Vogue shoot in 2007. I desperately need to draw more again, I never seem to find the time and I'm extremely out of practice. Continuing on with the theme I'd love to draw Emma too but I'm still searching for the perfect reference photo, actually if anyone has any favourites leave me links! Anyway, I hope all my fellow HP fans appreciate this today!

I've also gone with a slightly 'magical' feel for my nails. I guess it's similar in many ways to 'galaxy' or 'cosmic' nail art, the technique was pretty much the same anyway. I couldn't resist adding in a little Deathly Hallows symbol on my thumb nail...
(Please excuse the state of my fingers!)

To create my poor attempt at magical nails I used (L-R) Models Own Gun Grey, Max Factor Mini in Silver, Topshop White Witch, The Body Shop Starry Night, Sally Hansen Hard As Nails, 17 polish unnamed colour from a giftset & the Andrea Fulerton Dot & Flick Nail Art Pen in Black

Well, after that little ramble of excitement I'm off to watch Pointless (anyone a fan?!), eat and take a nap before heading to the cinema (loser). So far I've had a pretty horrible day so I'm looking forward to my evening. I hope everyone else who's going to one of the midnight screenings has an amazing time! I've been told that part two isn't that great and that important parts are rushed (sadface) but I'm sure I'll tweet my thoughts on it as I head home...

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