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Oculus Reparo.

 So this isn't actually a post about repairing glasses, I don't even wear glasses, it just happens to be my favourite spell. 
I've really taken my time over this post and was hoping to include everything but have decided to cut it down and I’m not happy with it, I’d make a terrible editor! I was also hoping to wait until I had seen the film a second time but my plans fell through and I’ve gotten too impatient. So if anyone is still interested this is my post on The Deathly Hallows Part 2.

I think I’ve left sufficient time now but I'm calling SPOILER ALERT here before I go any further. Anyone who hasn't read or watched The Deathly Hallows you may want to stop reading. If not just scroll down past the picture to read on! Don't say I didn't warn you.

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I guess the beginning would be a suitable place to start. As a fan of the series and after DH part one I had high expectations for this film. An unpopular opinion amongst critics but I absolutely loved part one and couldn't wait to see it again. I loved how it was just about the trio and how we finally got to see them outside of the Hogwarts environment. Essentially the final part is a war film in the same way part one was a road movie so stepping back and looking at the final two films as one, like the book, it is a pretty perfect balance.

This was the first time I'd been to a midnight screening and it was lovely to see so many people there. I was disappointed when I was handed regular 3D glasses after seeing the special edition HP frames. I'm not a fan of the way 3D is being used (I actually wrote my dissertation on it!) but unfortunately my local cinema didn’t have the 2D version available at midnight, so off to 3D I went. I was sat next to someone dressed as Dobby with no shoes on and a swimming cap on her head, but for some reason it didn't seem that strange. There was also one boy dressed in Hogwarts robes who ran down the aisle shouting "Troooolllll in the dungeon!!!" and instead of people being annoyed like they would at a normal screening, everyone laughed and clapped.  I can't really think of another time I've been amongst an audience who were so involved in the film, cheering, booing, clapping and crying. I have to confess that personally I didn't cry at the film (please tell me I'm not the only one?!) however I haven't yet found a film that makes me cry so maybe I'm just 'dead inside' like Chandler!

I’ll get the bad stuff out of the way first! I was disappointed by how some of the deaths were handled (the same goes for part one; Hedwig anyone?!) but I do understand that this was most likely due to the time constraints and having to fit so much into this final chapter. My main disappointment with the film was the scene in the forest where Harry uses the resurrection stone and goes on to speak with Dumbledore. I had imagined that scene quite differently when reading the book and I found his conversation with Dumbledore rather tedious and slightly cringe-worthy.
The ’19 years later’ epilogue is another part that I just didn’t like. I know that a lot of people are interested in what would have happened after the final battle when they were able to move on with their lives properly but I didn’t enjoy seeing or reading it.

On a lighter note I did have to laugh at some of the ridiculous noises coming from Voldemort, I mean honestly, he’s supposed to be evil but he was at times hilarious. As was the infamous “hug” he gave to Draco, I know a lot of people have complained about how out of character it was, but surely you have to see the humour in it? I would have to agree that no one else could have played Voldemort, Ralph Fiennes has always handled it well, particularly in his gestures and movements.

Obviously there are so many talented British actors featured in the series, Alan Rickman, Maggie Smith, Gary Oldman and Julie Walters are just a few of my favourites. The performance that stood out for me this time though was how brilliantly Helena Bonham Carter captured Emma's Hermione in the Gringotts scene.

Something else I think is worth mentioning is how great it’s been to see just how many people have been championing Neville and the crucial role he played in defeating Voldemort. I personally really enjoyed the fact that it wasn't one of the trio that saved the day in that moment and that Neville finally got his chance to shine after sticking by them in the background for so long. Plus, I really liked his cardigan.

The amount of comedy added in to counteract the dark tone of the storyline was well handled and overall it balanced out successfully. And while The Philosopher’s Stone will always be the Harry Potter film I turn to, The Deathly Hallows Part 2 is definitely not one to be overlooked.

Now that their HP journey is over and Harry, Hermione & Ron's stories are concluded, I can't help but wonder what the future will bring for Dan, Emma & Rupert. They each have upcoming film projects leaving me questioning who will have the most successful post-Potter career. I posed this question to my mum who replied Rupert Grint because 'he seems to have his head screwed on', and I'd probably have to agree with her. I’d also put money on Tom Felton sticking around for quite a while yet. What do you think the future holds, who would you most like to see succeed?

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