Monday, 6 June 2011

Week in Photos 13.

Light reading, well, an impulse purchase... / New polish Rimmel Lycra Pro in 'Aqua Cool' I now love this a lot / I loved the remake series of V and am not pleased that's it has been cancelled, but I decided to give the original series a try. Unfortunately these disks from the library were scratched and dusty so they didn't play very well! / Painted these cute little heart pegs in various colours / Starbucks Frappucino drinks = delicious / Watched Face/Off on iPlayer...and The Number 23 arrived at my door. Look out for these in the June Film Roundup / Found this awesome Fight Club t-shirt on, I want! / Having long, heavy hair means it can get pretty flat so I've been drying it upside down for extra volume :) / Making making making from yesterday's post / More makes from yesterday: feather necklaces. Hoping to make some more and have these available in the shop soon! / I've also watched A LOT of Ugly Betty / Italian bread, chicken & coleslaw: I hate it when meals make no sense/ Swatching for my Topshop makeup post / Last but not least it's 127 hours DVD I'm off to watch it! 
Can you tell I like movies yet? haha..

P.S I've also added a little links bar on my sidebar to thank and link back anyone who adds my Sawyer & Scout button to their blog :)
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