Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Twitter: Come Say Hello!

As I mentioned yesterday I set up a twitter account for the shop. I initially decided to do this so I can let everyone know about new items and offers over at Sawyer & Scout and to keep up with all of your tweets!
I'm new to Twitter so I'd really love it if you dropped by whether you're interested in the shop and blog or you'd just like to say hello!
You can find me here 

I'm also in the process of altering the postage costs at the shop, I started out with a set rate of £1.50 for UK P&P however I'm changing this around a bit so smaller/lighter items are £1 P&P as part of working towards soon having free P&P for the UK and a flat rate for worldwide.
 I guess I'll keep you posted on that via my twitter!
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