Saturday, 4 June 2011

Camera Collection.

Minolta X300: the long exposure one
I'm on to my second one of these as the first one actually broke! It's great for long exposure shots like the on on the right but I also like to use it with C41 film.

Fuji Instax Mini: the special occasion one
The film for this one isn't particularly cheap, I used to use it for Uni work but since I finished I tend to only use it on occasions like birthdays (the photo on the far right is actually from my birthday). It's a great alternative to buying a Polaroid camera and I love the cute credit card sized photos. Unlike the larger Instax range it's relatively small and light to carry around.

Holga GCFN: the square one
I actually have two Holgas (greedy!), but this one has a colour flash built in which makes it a little more interesting. This is the only medium format camera on the list (reference to the "squares") and I absolutely love square photographs. I don't know what exactly it is about them but I think they often look nicer that way. I love the effects you can create on the Holga and the individuality of the results. It's always exciting going to pick up prints taken on this camera, you never know what you're going to get!

Minolta 505si SUPER: the go-to film camera
This camera always gives great results and I find its very reliable due to its automatic rewind button, I'm terrible at winding back films manually, so with this theres no need to worry about damaging the film. I actually got this when I was at college so I've had it for about five or six years now, it was second hand and it's still going strong! I don't think i've posted this photo before but I actually quite like it. I took a whole series of that building using various cameras and this was one of my favourites. I love the focus being on the reflection in the puddle, plus the building is such a beautiful colour. 

Oktomat: the fun one
This is one I've posted about before. It's great for days out with friends, like in the photo on the right which was taken in Great Yarmouth. It can be used to capture still objects/scenes as well but it's best used on moving subjects. These can also be made into mini movies on the lomography website, one of mine was actually featured in their 'Oktokino' a couple of years back but I don't think they have that one the site anymore. It doesn't have a flash so I tend to only bring it out during the Summer months, the colours it captures are so bright and beautiful on days like this too. 

Polaroid One600: the old favourite
My favourite Polaroid camera! I do have a couple of older ones as well but they aren't particularly reliable. I don't often use this camera anymore because of the expense of the film nowadays but it's still a favourite.

Sony NEX-3: the digital one
The only digital camera amongst the collection, and the camera I used to photograph all the other cameras. Please excuse the poor quality image of it but I had to take it on my Blackberry, which obviously, does not make it onto the favourite cameras list! I've had this camera for almost a year now, I got it as a graduation present when I finished Uni. Before I had this camera I was so against buying a DSLR as they're so bulky to carry around and as I'm sure you've noticed I'm a big fan of film photography. I don't actually know how I lived without this thing, it's amazing! I would definitely recommend it, it's so compact and isn't heavy to carry around. If you are thinking of buying one of these make sure you get the zoom lens as well, I had to wait until Christmas to get the lens and I've used the camera so much more since I got it, I really missed being able to zoom! The photograph was taken at the zoo and I love how this camera can capture the details of the fur, even through the glass.

I hope you enjoyed reading something a little different on my blog! 
I'd been thinking about doing a post on my favourites from my camera collection for a little while and Lily's lovely post encouraged me to go for it!
What's in your camera collection?

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