Monday, 16 May 2011

Week In Photos 11/Giveaway Final Reminder!

More 3 for 2 at Boots, I love Simple and went to buy some more toner. I thought I'd take advantage of the offer and try a couple of new things too  / Found out that V has been cancelled, I was expecting it but I'm not pleased at how it finished.. / Nails, H&M 'Dazzling Jade' I didn't photograph it well but it's a beautiful colour / Watched Eurovision of course! / Got rid of my old wardrobe as the new one should arrive next month, until then my clothes are living in boxes and on this rail / Noodlessss, I was excited as I hadn't had them in a while / Bought the Hitchcock box set, I watched Rope last night so look out for that when it's time for my May Film Roundup! / Sawyer enjoyed his new treats / My friend brought me some chocolate from New Zealand :)
I had a busy week but I didn't photograph much of it so here it looks rather dull!
The giveaway hasn't gone to plan at all what with Blogger not working, posts and comments disappearing and me not being at home to post over the weekend! I also mentioned before that I was hoping to have some stock in the shop by now but it's still empty at the moment, although I have been making a few things. Thanks for bearing with me on that!
Anyway, here's one final reminder for anyone else who's interested.
I'm considering sending out something to everyone who has entered, as a thank you, I really appreciate you guys taking the time to read my blog!
Click HERE to enter.
My next post will be my 100th, see you then! 
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