Sunday, 22 May 2011

Sunday DIY: Feather Manicure

I saw some video tutorials for this look on Youtube whilst looking at Galaxy nail tutorials.
Basically you paint your nails with a base colour (I used Models Own Gun Grey) then apply a topcoat and carefully place the feather on top and press it down to make sure it sticks. Once that's dry you apply another topcoat, or three (!), to seal it onto the nail.
If you're interested in a demonstration video just type 'feather nail tutorial' in youtube and a few should come up!
I've only done this on one nail and it's a little messy. I also have no idea how difficult it will be to get this off!
 What do you think, would you try this look?

I spent all of yesterday packaging and photographing items for the shop so there will hopefully be things on there later today!
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