Sunday, 1 May 2011

April Film Roundup: Buy, Pass or Rent?

My first monthly film roundup! I decided to do this instead of individual film posts once a week because I didn't always have enough to say to justify a whole post and this way I can just sum up my thoughts in a 'Buy, Pass or Rent?' style. I hope you like this new layout, even though you'll find it's quite a negative post this month....

The Box
This one definitely goes in the Pass category, in fact I have no idea why I rented it in the first place. I think it's clear from the trailer that it's going to be rubbish, I must've had a mad moment! It was pretty dull and rather pointless to be honest, although I have had fun complaining about it.

Shattered Glass
I actually watched this one on BBC iPlayer, I'd say it's one worth Renting, but it's borderline. I don't remember much of it now, so I'd say it's easily forgettable but the story actually had the potential to be really interesting. The trailer actually looks pretty good haha.

The Blind Side
I'd recommend this one to people even though I didn't love it, I didn't even watch it twice before I returned it. Again, the story is interesting and worth the Rent but at the end of the day it's just not a film I would want to watch over and over. I did enjoy Tim McGraw's singing on the credits too!

Shutter Island
This one is a definite Rent. I'm not a huge fan of Leonardo DiCaprio but for some reason I continue to watch films he's in. As yet I haven't loved any of them, but this would probably be my favourite so far. Out of the April selection this the one that stood out the most and I quite liked the aesthetics too, particularly the saturated colours.

Citizen Kane
One of those movies they say everyone should watch, and on that basis alone I'm going to say it's a Rent!

The first time I tried to watch this I turned it off within 20 minutes or so out of annoyance. I had wanted to go and see it at the cinema but ended up seeing something else instead. Determined to get my £2 worth (!), I did end up watching it all the way through but for me this one's a Pass, unfortunately I really just couldn't get on with it.

Apparently I didn't make the best choices in April as none of them fell into the buy category, but at least it saves me some money! And no cinema trips, this makes me a little sad, especially as I was hoping to see Scream 4. Let me know if you liked this new addition to my blog and whether you'd like to see it become a regular monthly post.
I went out and took lots and lots of photos today so when I get those developed next week I should be able to do some more photography posts too! I was also pleasantly surprised at how many comments I got on my last post, thanks to everyone who commented I really appreciate it, and hello to new followers :)
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