Sunday, 17 April 2011

Sunday DIY: Packaging for the Shop

Today's Sunday DIY is once again related to the shop I'm intending to open in the next week or so. I've finally set myself up with a Paypal account but I'm still on the fence about what to actually call my shop. This weekend I've been doing some more making, but also beginning to get the things I had previously made ready to be sent out.  I've tried to keep the packaging simple to keep the cost down for everyone, but hopefully you'll still think it looks cute. I've decided that I will be doing a giveaway, hopefully this week, I need to buy some padded envelopes first! haha
I'll also be introducing the 'celebrity' style inspiration posts as a regular thing after your responses to my post on Emma Watson yesterday. I've already prepared a few more including Michelle Williams, Rachel Bilson & Taylor Swift. Anyway I hope you guys like what you see, and please do check back soon for the giveaway!
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