Friday, 8 April 2011

A Couple of Treats.

As you can see, this week I decided to treat myself to a couple of things! I've recently only really been buying sale items and taking advantage of offers and discounts so these are my two little treats.
I finally decided to get a Pandora bracelet, I'd been looking at them for a while but wasn't sure if they would fit me or not. I have quite thin wrists so I don't usually wear bracelets, I've always wanted a nice set of bangles but they all seem to just fall off when I put my arms down haha. I already knew that the Pandora bracelets were available in different sizes but one of my friends bought one recently and let me try it on so I was sure it would fit! I wasn't sure what colour to go for, I quite liked the grey and pink, but as you observant people may have noticed I have an obsession with tan accessories so I chose to stick by that.
I also bought myself a new ipod, something I probably should have done a while ago. I've had my 80GB classic for over three years now but have had various problems with it and although it is a good mirror, I thought it was time for a change. I had wanted to get another classic but nowadays they have 160GB and I really never even needed the 80GB I already had.  So, after years of carrying around thousands and thousands of songs I never listen to I've gone for an 8GB nano and I'm planning to be very selective with my song choices! Plus, I can clip this onto my bag :)
& yes, I know my colour choice is extremely boring!

Hope everyone is enjoying the sunshine!
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