Friday, 11 March 2011

Winter's Bone.

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You'll have to bear with me on this one as it's a few weeks now since I actually watched it!

Winter's Bone tells the tale of a young girl, Ree Dolly. The story centres on her search for her drug-dealer father who has disappeared but has a court date which if he fails to attend will result in Ree and her family losing their home. She struggles on her journey with the unfriendly, secretive local community who all warn her to 'keep her nose out' and soon Ree realises that she is in over her head.

The story itself is quite strange at times and has very dark moments. Visually, there was some beautiful scenery and stunning colours. However, what I enjoyed most about Winter's Bone was Jennifer Lawrence's performance as Ree, in my opinion she definitely deserved her Best Actress nomination. I'd not seen her in anything before so I didn't have any expectations, just a pleasant surprise. I guess sometimes it helps when you haven't seen an actor play other roles as you can end up seeing them come through into the other performances, particularly if there is a specific role or type of character that they're known for. I think the film is quite different to what else has been around recently and it's a shame that I don't know anyone else that has seen it, or anyone that had heard of it before the Oscar nomination announcement. Hopefully the Oscar nod will mean that it does reach a wider audience as I think it deserves a bit more recognition. All I can really say is that I would recommend this film. It won't be to everyone's taste but if you enjoy films with more gritty subject matter and a sense of rawness, Winter's Bone is a good watch.

So, as you can see I've finally gotten around to a film post, sorry it's been a little while. I know that most blogs I follow are fashion/style based, and most of you guys are probably not here for the film posts, but I have to confess that they are the ones I probably writing enjoy the most! I hope you guys like reading them anyway...

P.S I've just finished watching Frozen so that may be the next film post!
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