Sunday, 20 February 2011

Weekly Style Inspiration 5.

I mentioned the other day that I had some WSI posts prepared but since then I'd found some more items I wanted to include. I realised it would take me a while to catch up so I've made a bit of a bumper post here with all the items. Since there were quite a few I've split them into Lights, Darks and Colours, really just to make it easier for me to put them together. I'm also having to let you know what stores I found them at from memory as the original screen shots are on another computer. There should be a couple of DIY posts coming up soon as I went to IKEA, Hobbycraft and The Range this week for craft supplies! Anyway I hope you like my inspiration choices for this week. 

Bag: Urban Outfitters, Eyeliner, Tassel Pumps, Shorts, Mustard Dress and Backpack: Topshop, Cardigan, Lace Ups and Green Dress: Zara, Wolf Rings: Ebay and Modekungen

I'm dying to get my hands on that top wolf ring, so cute! It's only available in large sizes though so I'm on the lookout for an alternative. I love the idea of a tan leather backpack for the summer, and the tassel pumps are a great way to incorporate the fringe trend into your wardrobe without investing in a statement piece. The eyeliner is my pick from the new Sandstorm range at Topshop, I wasn't keen on the lip colours although the turquoise/silver nail polish set looks rather nice too. As for the dresses, I wish that shade (well, any shade) of yellow would suit me!

 Bag & Shoes (?): River Island, Floral Tops, Shorts : Topshop, Dresses on right: ASOS, Dresses top left: Topshop

I saw this bag in the window of River Island and thought it was just lovely, the price however isn't so lovely! I've seen the floral tops posted on other blogs recently, they're lovely fabrics and great styles for Summer. Likewise the dresses from ASOS look like great Summer pieces too, I love the button and collar detailing. And those shoes are just beautiful....

Skull T-shirt: Topman, Jumper & Skull Crop : Zara, Body & Cropped Shirt: Topshop

The t shirt from Topman was in a photo on their website a while ago but wasn't actually for sale at the time, when I saw it was available I bought it with plans to cut it into a vest for Summer, I know it won't be a lot of people's taste but personally I think the illustration is great. I've said it before, but Zara have had some amazing knitwear recently and I think this jumper is cute for in between seasons.

P.S You probably noticed I finally got around to making a header for the blog, I'm not sure I like it very much but it will have to do until I have time to make a better one. The actual piece of paper looks so much better than the digital version, it's such a shame!
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