Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Weekly Style Inspiration 1.

So I'm finally getting round to posting this! I said before that I'm planning to make my style inspiration posts a weekly thing, and I was thinking I would post them every Monday but that didn't go to plan, so this week it's Wednesday! I've been working on making rings from wire which I will be posting soon, I haven't forgotten honestly, but right now I'm just testing out some different styles to see what works best.
Floral Blouse: Miss Selfridge, Floral Shorts, Flats, Socks, Yellow Blouse, Flower Ring: Topshop, Anchor Ring: ASOS, Tassel Brogues: River Island, Peacock Ring: Accessorize, Trousers: Dorothy Perkins, Jacket: H! by Henry Holland

Far too much Topshop in there again, I'm getting lazy!
Annoyingly this also is probably my least favourite of the style inspiration posts I've done so far, but I thought instead of just posting the images I'd write a little bit about the items too.
First up the jacket, I've been after this for quite some time now but I just can't justify the £45 as it's very similar in shape and colour to a jacket I already own from Zara which cost less... The rings I've picked out are quite varied in style but I think the gold ones would be great for everyday wear and the Peacock feather is a lovely statement piece that could really compliment a navy dress. Both of the blouses make me feel like summer is on the way, I can't wait to throw on a floral top, jeans and brogues; amazing. There's some great shoes about at the moment and to be honest i did consider just doing a shoe style inspiration post today instead of this. I went to order the raspberry flats from Topshop earlier this evening only to find that they have disappeared off the website! :(
 And I couldn't resist adding in the bunny socks, so cute.

I should probably stop mentioning what I plan to post next/soon because it never seems to work out, but I will be doing a photo post as well as the wire wrap rings this week.
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