Saturday, 8 January 2011

Topshop Inspiration.

After my previous two posts being all about film and photography today I thought I'd share a little inspiration from Topshop's new items.
Before I do, I'd just like to say thank you for the lovely comments on my photos of Sawyer! I may post some more sometime as I have quite a few :)
But for now, back to Topshop...

My favourite from this little collection is definitely the armour style ring, I've been looking for one of these and this one is perfect as the pattern gives it a more feminine edge. Although Topshop rings are too big for me, it gives me a little hope that I might be able to find one somewhere else. If you happen to see any about, let me know! I'm also hoping that dress becomes available in more colours (colours available are cream & tan), as neither of these would suit me very well.
I'm really liking the colour palette and different textures here, it's a shame most of it is just too expensive!

Rose Suede Shorts £68
Dress £28
 Denim Shorts £32
 Suede Skirt £55
Cashmere Leggings £20
Jumper £35
Socks £4.50-£7
Longline Bra £20
 Popper Skirt £25
Striped Shirt £35
Headband £12
Ring £10
Clutch £30

So what do you think, are you looking forward to seeing more of the new high street collections?
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