Monday, 10 January 2011

Ring Ring.

This year I haven't done much sale shopping at all as I felt like I didn't want to waste money on lots of things I really don't need. I did however pick up a few rings in Miss Selfridge's sale. I know I ramble on quite a lot here about rings, but I thought I'd just do this post and stop complaining about it, so here goes!
 Since discovering a few months back that they sell XS rings I've become addicted. I didn't own many rings before and to be honest I didn't even really look at them in the shops because I knew I couldn't have them. Now it's a different story, I'm always looking out for which stores sell XS and I wear them everyday; I'm building up quite a collection! I have definitely learnt my lesson with Miss Selfridge though and don't buy any of their jewellery when its full price. They have so many regular sales and offers usually with things at half price, and if you're lucky even less! These are my new sale purchases, including one I featured in an old post, which were all half price.

This week I also found this lovely ring in H&M for £3.99. H&M sell a lot of rings which are labelled XS/S but i find you have to try them on as the sizing isn't always the same. I'm still on the lookout for an armour style ring but somehow I feel like this is a good substitute for now!

I'm planning on posting a bit more than usual this week as I have a few things lined up, hopefully I'll find the time! 

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