Friday, 14 January 2011


My post yesterday wasn't very exciting, so I thought today I'd go back to the photography posts. It's great to get so many nice comments here about my photos. Since I'm not at Uni anymore and don't have them up in my studio space, not many people really get to see them. I do post on flickr sometimes and I am trying to do that more. I've been relying too much on my digital camera recently and looking at these makes me miss film. I would love to go out and take some on film this weekend if I get the chance to, fingers crossed! Like I believe I've said before, I will be out taking photographs a lot more when the weather improves so hopefully my photography blog posts will improve then as well!

These were all taken using Ilford black and white C41 film and are not edited at all. I've linked to wikipedia there as it probably gives you a much better explanation than I can, especially section 5. I'm not particularly knowledgeable on the technical side of photography as I've never been taught much, and to be honest, for now at least, I'd much prefer to just go out with my cameras and see what happens. I think it's more fun that way.
(Edit: Looking at this first photo now, I realise the cars in the background do ruin it!)

Please comment or press the smiley face button below if you would like to see more photography posts, just so I can get an idea. Thanks!
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