Friday, 28 January 2011

Oktomat Part Two.

I promised Naomi a second Oktomat post, so here it is, beach themed this time. 

I have some more so there will definitely be a third Oktomat post soon. Have a lovely weekend! 

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Weekly Style Inspiration 2.

Earrings, Headband, T-shirt & Khaki Skirt: Urban Outfitters
 Dress (I'm not a fan of that belt!), Leopard print Pumps, Heels, Floral Skirt, Bag & Lace Top: Topshop
Lace Ups: River Island
Loafers: ASOS

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Black Swan, Week In Movies.

Image via Google

I apologise in advance for how much of a wordy ramble this post is going to be... The day of my cinema trip to see Black Swan finally came around yesterday. I had read a lot of reviews and comments on the film, including various blog posts and of course the unavoidable Oscar buzz, and had high expectations going into it. I wouldn't say I was disappointed by the film at all, but I did expect to leave the cinema having fallen in love with it, which unfortunately didn't happen. I did really like the film as a whole and thought it was another case where the cinematography was at many times stunning. I guess you kind of know what to expect if you've seen Requiem For A Dream, it's that same feeling afterwards. I am quite a fan of some psychological thrillers, and I definitely enjoy films that really make you question and think about things, Black Swan certainly does that. I left feeling quite inspired to make some artwork, perhaps some drawings or textile pieces. The textures of the Rodarte costumes were beautiful and very inspiring for textile work. I have to say, I'm glad they didn't give away too much in the trailer as if they had it wouldn't have been such an interesting watch. I would definitely say it's worth going to see, but I'm unsure how it would hold up on second, third and fourth viewings because part of the interest for me was the unpredictability of the characters.
 Plus, it's just another thing that makes me wish I never quit ballet.


Monday, 24 January 2011

Sewing A Story.

These were the first things I made whilst at Uni that I actually really liked and were the beginning of me basing my work around films. I apologise for the poor quality of the images, it's pretty difficult to scan/photograph these. For those of you don't recognise them the films they are taken from, they are Fight Club, Sweeney Todd & The Notebook, quite a strange mix really! If you are interested in how they were made, basically I printed out the film stills (sourced online) and cut around where the people were and lightly penciled in the figures. I then scanned them and printed them onto that paper that you can use to iron designs onto fabric (the name escapes me). Once I had transferred them to the fabric I hand-stitched the people back in, and added the text which is a quote from each film typed out on a typewriter. I also did these which are machine stitched. I'm not sure why I've decided to share them today but I hope that you enjoy looking at them.

I'd love to be able to commit to one photography post, one style post, one DIY post and one movie post each week. The DIY posts are definitely where I'll let myself down on that though, I never seem to find enough time for them. I have what seems like an endless supply of photographs that I can post,  I'm always saving pictures of clothing that catches my eye and I'm always watching movies and dying to discuss them. So, maybe I'll just aim for those three for now and post DIY's/other random things, like this, as they come along. 
What do you guys think?

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Holga: Black and White.

Photo post today as promised! I'm going to shoot some double exposures either over this weekend or this weekend and next, depending on whether I find interesting things to photograph. I'll be posting results here whether I succeed or fail (unless I end up with absolutely nothing on my film!) Anyway, these aren't new but I thought I'd post them up as you guys have been lovely and encouraging about me doing photo posts, thank you! I hope you like them!


Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Weekly Style Inspiration 1.

So I'm finally getting round to posting this! I said before that I'm planning to make my style inspiration posts a weekly thing, and I was thinking I would post them every Monday but that didn't go to plan, so this week it's Wednesday! I've been working on making rings from wire which I will be posting soon, I haven't forgotten honestly, but right now I'm just testing out some different styles to see what works best.

Sunday, 16 January 2011

The King's Speech.

Image from IMDB

Yesterday I went to see The King's Speech, I was also supposed to see Blue Valentine, which I have been dying to see for months, but annoyingly it's only on at selected cinemas, so I may be waiting for the DVD. I know there has been Oscar buzz surrounding this film, like many January releases, but I can definitely see why. Personally I enjoyed the film but didn't fall in love with it. I came out of the cinema not disappointed at all, but thinking to myself that it's likely I won't be watching it again anytime soon or rather, I won't be purchasing the DVD on it's release. For me, it's not the type of film I could leave in my DVD player for a week and watch over and over (there are actually quite a few of those!). Part of the reason I did enjoy it so much was the fact that it was visually stunning. The cinematography was just beautiful, right from the first scene, and in my opinion should definitely get the Oscar. I have a feeling that Colin Firth might win for this one too. The cast was full of familiar faces which was lovely to see. I would definitely recommend this film, but I'd also say it's not for everyone. You may have read my previous post on 127 Hours, which I definitely preferred as it's something I would love to watch again, and would certainly consider buying the DVD. 
Has anyone else been to see either of these?

This week I also watched I'm Still Here & Lonesome Jim (it wasn't meant to be a Casey Affleck double feature!) but I really don't have a lot to say about either of them. I understand what I'm Still Here was trying to comment on, however I found the way it was done quite dull and unfortunately at times annoying. I love it when films inspire me to create, but these just weren't those kinds of films.
I also have plans to see Black Swan, another Oscar contender, so I may post about that soon as well.
I also got some wire from Hobbycraft today to try making another ring so hopefully there will be a post about that sometime this week, and I've decided to try and make my style inspiration posts a weekly thing, but haven't chosen a specific day yet. I'll see how it goes.
 Hope everyone has had a lovely weekend, and hello to new followers!

Best Dressed: Critic's Choice Awards.

Images from BellaSugar: please click the link for better quality images, and the slideshow of all the outfits from the awards.
For me, looking at the outfits from the Critic's Choice Awards, I wasn't overly impressed with many of the dresses, but overall these are my favourites. This isn't really like any posts I've done before but whilst looking through them I thought why not! Michelle Williams' vintage-styled dress has a lovely cut and I think the delicate detailing is what makes it special, the colour, or lack of colour, is also pretty striking. Emma Stone's dress is not something that would usually catch my eye but for some reason it just seems to work. If I remember correctly it's been voted the favourite look of the ones featured on Bellasugar (my image source).I also love the updo she's wearing with it, as it shows of the neckline perfectly. Mandy Moore's dress is just a stunning colour, one of my personal favourite shades, and a classic cut. To be honest, I don't think you can really go too wrong with something like this. In contrast, when I first looked at Emily Blunt's choice I wasn't sure what I thought, but I finally settled on it being a good choice. I like the idea of mixing different textures, so I think that's what won me over in the end. I also liked Diane Kruger's choice of dress for the afterparty, but she pretty much always get's it right.
As you can see from the ones I've picked out that they aren't particularly daring choices!
What do you think, are you fans of these looks or do you prefer the more outrageous styles?

Friday, 14 January 2011


My post yesterday wasn't very exciting, so I thought today I'd go back to the photography posts. It's great to get so many nice comments here about my photos. Since I'm not at Uni anymore and don't have them up in my studio space, not many people really get to see them. I do post on flickr sometimes and I am trying to do that more. I've been relying too much on my digital camera recently and looking at these makes me miss film. I would love to go out and take some on film this weekend if I get the chance to, fingers crossed! Like I believe I've said before, I will be out taking photographs a lot more when the weather improves so hopefully my photography blog posts will improve then as well!

These were all taken using Ilford black and white C41 film and are not edited at all. I've linked to wikipedia there as it probably gives you a much better explanation than I can, especially section 5. I'm not particularly knowledgeable on the technical side of photography as I've never been taught much, and to be honest, for now at least, I'd much prefer to just go out with my cameras and see what happens. I think it's more fun that way.
(Edit: Looking at this first photo now, I realise the cars in the background do ruin it!)

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Quick DIY: Buttons.

I'd like to make the quick DIY a weekly thing, but I can't promise anything. This is a super quick DIY to update the look of my mittens. I was going to do a button DIY post also including button jewellery and a cardigan I customised with a button design but I can't find them anywhere! When I do I'll be sure to post them.

I got these mittens from TU at Sainsburys when they had 20% off so they only cost a couple of pounds. I bought them in grey so that they would go with my coats but i still thought they were a little dull so I decided to change the buttons on them. I think I remember seeing some grey mittens with wooden buttons in Topshop but I chose to use these cute little cream ones for the DIY. I realise that this isn't the most exciting of customisations but I do like the idea of posting quick DIY's that are simple enough for anyone to have a go at.

Before & After.

Another idea I had for these was to stitch a design onto them, maybe something like the ones I posted here. I might try that if I can get my hands on another cheap pair of mittens!

Hopefully upcoming posts will be a few quick DIY's including rings inspired by some of Topshop's new pieces, lego jewellery and summer snoods, regular week in photos posts, more drawings, old artwork, sketchbook pages, more style inspiration, Shrinkle experiments, 'Wreck This Journal' updates & lots more photography.
If you have any other suggestions for posts you might like to see let me know.
I'm also trying to make more of an effort to reply to the lovely comments you leave, so please do check back soon.

Monday, 10 January 2011

Ring Ring.

This year I haven't done much sale shopping at all as I felt like I didn't want to waste money on lots of things I really don't need. I did however pick up a few rings in Miss Selfridge's sale. I know I ramble on quite a lot here about rings, but I thought I'd just do this post and stop complaining about it, so here goes!
 Since discovering a few months back that they sell XS rings I've become addicted. I didn't own many rings before and to be honest I didn't even really look at them in the shops because I knew I couldn't have them. Now it's a different story, I'm always looking out for which stores sell XS and I wear them everyday; I'm building up quite a collection! I have definitely learnt my lesson with Miss Selfridge though and don't buy any of their jewellery when its full price. They have so many regular sales and offers usually with things at half price, and if you're lucky even less! These are my new sale purchases, including one I featured in an old post, which were all half price.

This week I also found this lovely ring in H&M for £3.99. H&M sell a lot of rings which are labelled XS/S but i find you have to try them on as the sizing isn't always the same. I'm still on the lookout for an armour style ring but somehow I feel like this is a good substitute for now!

I'm planning on posting a bit more than usual this week as I have a few things lined up, hopefully I'll find the time! 


Saturday, 8 January 2011

Topshop Inspiration.

After my previous two posts being all about film and photography today I thought I'd share a little inspiration from Topshop's new items.
Before I do, I'd just like to say thank you for the lovely comments on my photos of Sawyer! I may post some more sometime as I have quite a few :)
But for now, back to Topshop...

My favourite from this little collection is definitely the armour style ring, I've been looking for one of these and this one is perfect as the pattern gives it a more feminine edge. Although Topshop rings are too big for me, it gives me a little hope that I might be able to find one somewhere else. If you happen to see any about, let me know! I'm also hoping that dress becomes available in more colours (colours available are cream & tan), as neither of these would suit me very well.
I'm really liking the colour palette and different textures here, it's a shame most of it is just too expensive!

Rose Suede Shorts £68
Dress £28
 Denim Shorts £32
 Suede Skirt £55
Cashmere Leggings £20
Jumper £35
Socks £4.50-£7
Longline Bra £20
 Popper Skirt £25
Striped Shirt £35
Headband £12
Ring £10
Clutch £30

So what do you think, are you looking forward to seeing more of the new high street collections?

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

127 Hours.

Image via Google search

As you've probably guessed from the title and photo, I went to see 127 Hours today. I'm not really sure why I'm doing a post about it, theres already so many films I am planning to see this year, so if it's not too annoying it's possible you may see more posts like this!
 I'm not going to say too much about it, although I am opinionated when it comes to films I'm definitely not a film critic! 
I was really looking forward to seeing this film after reading articles and seeing the trailer, and luckily I wasn't disappointed. 
The story itself is pretty amazing and for some reason the fact that it is based on a true story makes it that little bit more interesting. There are some really beautiful colours and shots, and the way the story is shown works so well. I've not really loved or hated any of Danny Boyle's previous films, just liked them. However on this one I'd have to say that basically, Danny Boyle did a great job.
 I think I'll leave it there.

Has anyone else seen it, what did you think?

Monday, 3 January 2011

New Year, New Lens.

So today i've been testing out the new zoom lens I got for christmas! Ever since i got my new camera in August it's been rather annoying not being able to zoom, as I'm so used to it with my film SLR. 
As for the blog, I would expect more photography posts as the weather improves, when I'm feeling more like going out on photo trips than staying inside where it's warm! I'm also going to try and find/scan some more Oktomat photos to post, if not I'm sure I'll be taking lots more in the summer. 
I'm also planning on making myself a banner but I'm not quite sure what I want it to look like yet.
Anyway here are the results from today...

All taken on Sony NEX-3

If anybody is wondering the little ball of fluff is Sawyer :)
I'm actually lucky to get photos of him that aren't a complete blur as he doesn't often stay still for very long...

What did everyone else get for christmas?
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