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Wednesday, 20 August 2014

What I've Been Watching Lately #2

watching lately 2

After dabbling once again in a monthly 'watching' roundup I've decided to make these posts more of an 'as and when' feature when I have enough titles to talk about! So, here's some of the things I've been watching lately...

Nashville (Season 1, 2012) : via NowTV
Nashville is a drama following two rival country music stars - 'queen of country' Rayna James (Connie Britton) and young star Juliette Barnes (Hayden Panetierre) - and those living alongside them in Nashville, most of whom are also trying to make it in the music business.
I don't know what's wrong with me but when I first heard the premise for Nashville I was excited about it, I watched the pilot episode when it very first aired and loved it... but never went back to watch the rest of the series (really Erin?!). I had high hopes when I revisited it this month and I wasn't disappointed. I loved the setting, the drama, the music, the accents... my only issue now is resisting the urge to buy season 2 on DVD! I enjoyed it so much that I've already re-watched all of the episodes and borrowed the soundtracks from my local library. If you need me I'll just be over here listening to a Scarlett & Gunnar duet... ✯✯✯✯✯ 

Carrie (2013) : via Netflix
Updated for today's teens the latest adaptation of Stephen King's debut novel follows sheltered misfit teenager Carrie White (Chloe Moretz) who discovers that she has telekinetic powers.
Honestly I'm not sure how I feel about this remake that brings Carrie & co into the digital age. Although the fact the teens have mobile phones and internet access does set it apart and make it different to the 1976 adaptation, at the same time I don't really know if it was necessary to change the era or to even re-make the film at all. Perhaps it's one to watch if you're having a Halloween movie night but aside from that I just can't get enthusiastic about it. ✯✯1/2 

Bates Motel (Season 1, 2013) : via Netflix
This series follows a teenage Norman Bates (Freddie Highmore) as he and his mother move across country and buy the motel. An incident just after they move in leaves a man dead and the locals suspicious but it turns out the Bates family aren't the only ones hiding something in this town.
I was rather excited when I heard Bates Motel was coming to Netflix as just like with Nashville I'd watched the pilot episode then failed to catch up with the rest of the series (I have to stop doing that!). Again, I wasn't disappointed and really enjoyed the series overall. The only one thing I wasn't so keen on was the fact it's supposedly set in the modern day but almost looks as if it isn't. Honestly if the characters didn't have technology like iPhones I would have placed it in a different era based on the scenery, cars, costumes etc. Minor observation aside Bates Motel is a good little series full of drama, dark twists and turns. If you're a fan of darker shows like Dexter and American Horror Story you might like this one too! ✯✯✯✯

My Fake Fiance (2009) : via Netflix
After meeting at a wedding Jennifer (Melissa Joan Hart) who's apartment contents were stolen whilst in a moving truck and Vince (Joey Lawrence), who owes a lot of money to a man named The Monkey, decide they can solve their problems by teaming up and pretending to be engaged. The plan looks a little something like this - she gets the gifts to fill her house and he gets the money to pay off his debt... what could go wrong?
Since I've been dipping in and out of the pair's hit TV show Melissa & Joey over the last few months I was curious to watch the film collaboration which led to the sitcom. There's not a lot to say here really, if you've seen well... any rom-com before then I'm sure you can guess how this one plays out! ✯✯1/2

What have you been watching lately?

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

This Week's Work In Progress #2

sawyer and scout pouches geeky superhero
1/ Geeky Pouches - this week I got to work on sewing some more of these geek-themed zipper pouches for Sawyer & Scout. Most of this batch are off to Dark Side Comics!

citrus work in progress
2/ A Citrus Twist - this one's a sneak peek at an upcoming fruity craft kit review I'll be sharing over on Eight & Sixteen... keep an eye out there to see the finished piece!

washi work in progress
3 / Washi Crazy - I also dug out my box of washi tapes this week to work on some more projects for E&S. You can see the results over there next week!

What have you been working on this week?

Monday, 18 August 2014

Cover Colour Inspiration - Fangirl, Rainbow Rowell

cover colour insp fangirl 1
As you may have noticed I've been experimenting a little more with new content recently in an attempt to both be more creative and bring a bit more variety back to this little corner of the internet. Whilst staring at my bookshelf trying to decide what should be my next read (FYI, I got distracted and didn't choose one) this idea popped into my head and I thought what if that were to become a new feature?

There are so many pretty colours sitting on that bookshelf, so many lovely cover designs that deserve to be showcased and since my favourite colour is green Fangirl is definitely tops the list colour-wise!

The mint green, coral pink and pale yellow trio of colours have all graced the high street this season, and will add a pop of colour to any wardrobe. Here are my top Fangirl inspired picks...
fangirl rainbow rowell colour inspiration wear the cover
Mint Green Polka Dot Short Sleeve Boxy Shirt, New Look Teens £9
Coral Tie Back Playsuit, Annie Greenabelle via Topshop £20
Pointelle Silk & Cotton-Blend Sweater, Jil Sander Navy via My Theresa £210

Image of Fangirl via Goodreads 

Sunday, 17 August 2014

DIY Simple Beaded Rings

diy beaded rings crafts jewellery

These cute and colourful beaded rings are a simple design but the perfect way to brighten up an outfit, and the best part is they only take minutes to make!

You will need: seed beads, tiger tail, pliers, tube crimp beads, scissors/wire cutters

diy beaded rings crafts jewellery

1. Start by cutting a short length of tiger tail - around 6" should be a good starting point

Once you've made your first ring you'll have more of an idea of what length tiger tail you need depending on how much you end up having to cut off, but for your first ring it's best to cut extra just to be safe!

2. First thread on one of your crimp beads, followed by as many seed beads as you need to fit around your finger

diy beaded rings crafts jewellery

3. Once you're done adding beads bring the end of your tiger tail (the one which doesn't have the crimp bead) round to meet the other end and thread through the crimp bead creating a loop

4. Carefully take each end of the tiger tail, one at a time, and thread through the first few seed beads on each side (as shown above) - this will just help to secure everything in place

5. Use pliers to close up the crimp bead - if you're unsure how to do so check out this video tutorial

If you don't have crimping pliers you can close up the bead with regular pliers instead. Just clamp it down flat then carefully fold it in half over itself using the pliers and it should be secured into place.

6. Trim off any excess tiger tail and your ring is finished!

diy beaded rings crafts jewellery


As always I'd love to hear from you if you try out this or any other project from my DIY Archives - if you enjoy them please subscribe to my blog via Bloglovin' to make sure you don't miss any posts! :)

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Happy DIY-ing!

Friday, 15 August 2014

3 Easy & Refreshing Summer Drinks

3 refreshing summer drink recipes

Recently got myself a Breville Blend Active which I have since used every day - it's so addictive & easy to use! I've been experimenting with different flavours and today I thought I would share three of my favourites with you. They're all super easy to make as you don't need to be precise with your measurements plus, they're refreshing and delicious on a sunny day or after a workout!

Note: I add a spoonful or so of milled linseed to all of the recipes below as it is a great source of both fibre and omega 3. It doesn't affect the taste but it's an optional ingredient so feel free to leave it out!

1/ Raspberry & Orange Sorbet Smoothie
Blend 300ml of orange & mango juice with a handful of frozen raspberries and a scoop or two of raspberry sorbet. Top up with a splash of water to blend and add a spoonful of milled linseed if desired.

2/ Pineapple & Mango Dairy-Free Milkshake
Blend 350ml of vanilla flavoured rice milk with a few ice cubes. Then add in both a handful of fresh pineapple and a handful of frozen mango and blend again. Add milled linseed and a spoon of cinnamon before blending for a bit of extra goodness!

3/ Watermelon, Berry & Apple Juice
Blend 200ml of apple & raspberry juice with a small handful of frozen blueberries, a few chunks of fresh watermelon and a few of frozen mango. Add water if needed to blend plus milled linseed if desired.

What are your favourite refreshing drinks?