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Friday, 24 October 2014

DIY Inspiration - Fabric Chokers

diy inspiration fabric chokers

As featured in a previous DIY post, 90's style chokers are well and truly back on trend for 2014! There have been various cord designs available all over the high street but today I wanted to share these patterned fabric ones.

These Topshop fabric chokers have been made in exactly the same way as the ribbon bracelets I shared back in May last year and would make a great beginner jewellery DIY. To find out how to create your own version check out my tutorial & to make them adjustable like the ones shown above simply switch out the toggle clasps for lobster ones as shown in this festive project!

topshop chokers 4

Don't fancy a DIY? Find the original Topshop choker sets using these links - Aztec Choker Set, £8.50 | Zig Zag Choker Set, £5.50 (on sale) | Navaho Choker Set, £8.50

Happy DIY-ing!

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Crafting Lately - Cluedo Board Storage Box

cluedo board box diy 1

This project had been on my to-do list for quite some time and today I'm using the term 'lately' very loosely as I finally got around to trying out this upcycling idea out back in February!

I had seen the image of the finished Monopoly box floating around on sites like Pinterest for a while but was unable to track down's original tutorial post which seems to have been removed from the site. I did however come across this post over on Planet Forward which has the full set of written instructions but unfortunately no images.

cluedo board box diy 2
cluedo box diy 3

The box itself turned out to be quite tricky to make following written instructions alone but I got there in the end! As you can see I used a Cluedo board for my box and chose to finish it off with a green washi tape that ties in well with the board's colours. Unfortunately the box isn't all that durable as it was difficult to score along the edge that would create the lid so I don't feel like it would stand up well to everyday use although it could definitely be used as a storage box. There were also a few offcuts from the board which could be saved to be used as coasters!

For another Cluedo-themed project check out my cushion DIY!

What have you been crafting lately?

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

DIY Felt Bat Bow + 3 Ways To Wear It!

bat bow tie bat hair bowbat bow necklace
diy bat bow title

Today's DIY is a great last-minute Halloween project as it's quick, easy and as you can see from the photographs above the bow is also a versatile accessory! To make your own bat bow you will need: a sheet of black felt, pins, a needle & thread, scissors, thin card or paper, a pen

1. First you'll need to create a template. To do this fold your sheet of card in half and draw on half a bow shape with bat wing style edges - it should look something like the one shown below!

2. Cut out your template, pin it onto the sheet of felt and carefully cut around it

3. Accordion fold the centre to create the bow shape, pin in place and add a few stitches to secure it in place

4. Cut a small strip of felt to cover the fold, wrap around the centre of the bow and stitch in place

5. Finally turn the bow into your chosen accessory style....

bat bow step by step diy halloween accessories

3 Ways To Wear It:

1/ Bow Tie - thread a length of elastic through the centre loop of your bow, tie in a knot and wear under a collared shirt. Alternatively stitch on a brooch back and pin onto your shirt.

2/ Hair Accessory - thread the centre of your bow onto a hair clip or add on a hairband and use to accessorise your topknot, ponytail or other Halloween hairstyle!

3/ Necklace - pierce holes in the top of the 'wings' and thread through jump rings to attach on a chain. If you're DIY-ing the chain too check out my Guide To Necklace Lengths!


As always I'd love to hear from you if you try out this or any other project from my DIY Archives - if you liked this project don't forget to Pin it!

For more DIY projects visit!

Happy DIY-ing!

Sunday, 19 October 2014

DIY Halloween Centrepiece

halloween centrepiece diy tutorial halloween centrepiece diy tutorial
halloween centrepiece diy tutorial halloween centrepiece diy tutorial

Another Sunday, another Halloween inspired DIY! This centrepiece is a quick and simple project that's completely customisable. Best of all, it's an upcycle project so it's perfect for those trying to host a Halloween party on a tight budget!

To create a centrepiece like this one you'll need: a selection of glass jars, plastic spiders/skulls/eyeballs or similar, water, food colouring, black and/or lace fabrics... spooky chocolate treats are also optional!

For my centrepiece I draped a black faux velvet style fabric over the table surface and hung a black lace fabric to create a backdrop. I filled three of the jars with water and used food colouring to tint them, finishing off by adding plastic spiders and a small plastic skull. I decided to fill the final jar with eyeballs and ended up with a mixture of plastic and chocolate ones!

Both the skull and plastic eyeballs were purchased from Home Bargains as part of sets costing under £1 each. The plastic spiders were part of a 72 piece set (!) I picked up from Pound World and the large chocolate eyeballs were £1 for 5 at Tesco.

Tip! There are tons of free label printables out there from apothecary jars to potions, why not use these to add an extra something to your centrepiece?


As always I'd love to hear from you if you try out this or any other project from my DIY Archives - if you liked this project don't forget to Pin it!

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Happy DIY-ing!

Friday, 17 October 2014

Cover Colour Inspiration - Ten, Gretchen McNeil

Cover image via Goodreads
cover colour ten

Today I'm taking colour inspiration from a read that's perfect for Halloween! This YA murder mystery novel takes place on a quiet island where teens Meg and Minnie have been invited to an exclusive party. Things soon take a turn for the worst when the group realise that there is a murderer amongst them.

The cover features various shades of teal fading into black, topped off with a vibrant red title. For today's 'wear the cover' picks I've chosen three very different accessories that will each add a pop of Ten's colours to your wardrobe.
cover colour ten

Clean Pocket Backpack in Teal, Topshop £34
Teal Felt Fedora Hat, Miss Selfridge £25
Marc By Marc Jacobs Ladies Red Leather Strap Watch, House Of Fraser £165

You can read my full review of Ten over at Blogger's Bookshelf!